Russell Hennig
Russ Hennig Horseshoeing
“Hoof care with the emphasis
on treating the whole horse"
This is Chexie, a 2 year old Quarter
Horse who had a sever laminitic
Chexie had a medically induced laminitis. I saw her
for the first time on 2-21-2006. She had rotated
significantly from normal to what you see in the
radio graphs in 3 days. It only effected her left front
hoof. Dr. Erik Peterson performed a tenotomy on
the effected leg. Once he was done I de-rotated the
hoof for a more normal stance of the coffin bone. (
you can see from the rasp in the radio graph) I
glued a shoe on the effected hoof to hold the hoof
where it should be.
These pictures are of her 2 months later after
Chexie's surgery and original shoeing. The
shoe is still to be glued on to reduce
concussion on the hoof due to the damage
and pain to the horse.
These pictures are from 4 months later the
hoof starts to improve and grow more
These pictures are from 7 months after
original laminitic episode. Chexie's hoof has
greatly improved from constant hoof care
from Russ Hennig Horseshoeing.

She has fully recovered and has gone on to
being a trail horse and is now being used as
a breeding mare for reining quarter horses.