Russell Hennig
Russ Hennig Horseshoeing
“Hoof care with the emphasis
on treating the whole horse"
Annie is a wonderful gray thoroughbred mare
who has come a long way since a devastating
accident shattered the P-2 (short pastern) in her
right front leg. She has had a long road but she is
doing very well and living a comfortable, happy
This is Annie's first x-ray of her right
front pastern. You can see that her
short pastern (P-2) is shattered.
(Taken 12/20/05.)

When she arrived at Pine Bush Equine
she was brought into surgery. Dr. Mike
Ross, Dr. Herbert J. Burns, and Dr. Erik
Peterson worked on her. She had a pin
cast put onto her right front leg to
relieve pressure on the already
crushed pastern bone.

At the time the cast was being put onto
the right leg farrier Russell Hennig put
a Redded Modified UltimateTM shoe
onto her left front foot. The ultimate
shoe is used to prevent laminitis and
founder. She was kept in the ultimate
the entire time she remained in a cast
This x-ray was taken on 5-8-2006. You
can see the calcification building
around the break.
This is her x-ray on 6-6-2006. There is
a visible increase in the calcification of
the bone. The goal is to have bone fill
in to create a solid piece which will fuse
the joints into one. This will allow her to
fully bear weight. A traditional cast was
placed on the distal limb(knee down) to
support the pastern for few more
Annie has come a long way to get to
this point. This x-ray illustrates the
solid mass of bone that has filled in so
she can bear full weight on this leg.
She was then put in a KB-W1 open
wedge shoe on her left front. At this
point she was being hand walked
around an indoor ring.
This is Annie on 11/30/2006. Her
progress is remarkable and she is
walking around comfortably and has
begun turn-out full time during the day.
She can walk and trot comfortably on
her own. See the attached video to
view her move.  She is now wearing a
aluminum egg-bar shoe that was
forged into a full rocker with a soft
therapeutic pad on her right front to
absorb some of the shock and ease
breakover. She is still wearing the
KB-W1 open wedge on her left front to
help with any over loading.
To see Annie in a couple videos click