Russell Hennig
Quarter Crack
Russ Hennig Horseshoeing
“Hoof care with the emphasis
on treating the whole horse"
This Thoroughbred has a severe quarter crack.
The heel quarter of his hoof is split from the front
of the hoof. With the right shoeing and stall rest he
will grow out a hoof with no crack.
I made him a bar shoe with a supportive clip to hold
the hoof securly. The hoof has to be kept from
flexing at the crack to let it grow down correctly.
Being this crack is all the way up to the coronet
band it is expecially hard to keep from flexing too
much, that is the reason for the bar shoe with the
extra clip.
This picture is of the hoof with the shoe applied.
You can see how the extra clip is supporting the
heel quarter keeping it from moving.

For the best results the crack needs to be kept
very clean and dry with the least amount of
movement as possible. This way the hoof can start
growing down with no foreign material (such as
dirt, mud, rock...).