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Russ Hennig Horseshoeing
“Hoof care with the emphasis
on treating the whole horse"
Farm Call
Farm Call (Please call to discuss)                                            15.00 and up

Trims (single horse)                                                                   60.00 ea.
Trims (4 or more horses at the same barn)                               
50.00 ea.                  
Draft Trims (size 3 foot or larger)                                               75.00 ea.
(only if the horse will hold its foot up or stock is available
at additional fee)

Front set of shoes /Trim hinds                                                    130.00  
4 shoes                                                                                       180.00             
Draft horse fronts                                                                        175.00
Draft horse full set                                                                       300.00

Shoeing Extras                                                           
Shoe removal only (no trim, etc)                                              
10.00 per pair                 
Hot Shoeing                                                                              5.00 per pair extra       

Shoe Modifications                                                                   20.00 per pair extra
(clips, rocker, rolled, square toes, Trailer, etc.)                                             

Special Shoes "added to shoeing price"
Sigafoos Glue on Shoes                                                       Add 87.00 per pair
Aluminum Shoe (Equestrian Hunters, etc)                            Add 20.00 per pair            
Eggbar Shoes (Steel)                                                           Add 25.00 per pair           
Heartbar Shoes (Steel)                                                         Add 40.00 per pair            
Aluminum wedge eggbar shoes                                           Add 40.00 per pair             
Aluminum eggbar shoes                                                      Add 30.00 per pair  
Sliding Plates                                                                       Add 30.00 per pair
Traction (winter/summer)
Corks (Drive in or Screw in - 2 per shoe)                             Add 30.00 per pair             
Corks (Drive in or Screw in - 4 per shoe)                             Add 40.00 per pair             
Borium/Drill tec(Tungsten Carbide - Forge welded)             Add 20.00 per paIr
Pads (Flat & Wedge - includes hoof packing)                     Add 30.00 per pair
Pads Reset  (includes hoof packing)                                   Add  20.00 per pair
Snow Rim Pads                                                                    Add 20.00 per pair          

Snow Ball Pads                                                                    Add 30.00 per pair       

Hoof Treatments
Hoof Treatment (For thrush, dry feet, etc.)                                 5.00 per horse            

Hoof Repair/Reconstruction
Hoof Repair & Reconstruction                                          Start at 35.00
(based on average repair; toe,                                                                                     
quarter, heel, crack, etc).

Consultation fee                                                                       30.00 - 50.00 an hour

"Bad Mannered Horses" If your horse is considered dangerous and we do manage to
work on him - Add 25.00 - We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe there is
a potential for injury. Here is a video of a
properly behaved horse.

Overdue Horses (animals not kept up on a regular basis)          Add 20.00-100.00