About Us
Russ Hennig Horseshoeing
“Hoof care with the emphasis
on treating the whole horse"
I have been working and caring for horses since I as able to hold a pitch fork.
At age thirteen I started trimming my own show horses. A few years later a
neighbor asked me to help them out and trim their horses hooves. I decided
if I was to go on and trim horses other then my own, I should be correctly
educated on the subject.

While saving money to go to Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in Purcell, OK
I read relentlessly, and went to numerous seminars at Cornell University.
Finally in year 2001 I packed up my things and headed south to further my
education in equine podiatry.

While there, I learned how to cure one of my own horses hoof problems:
Canker. I would call and write home religiously to tell my parents what to do
for the horse in hopes that by the time I got home I could fix the problem in its
entirety. Unfortunately, I was never able to get home in time and he had to be
euthanized after the infection spread to the bone.

This unforgettable experience, of losing my childhood horse, is the
inspiration that drives me in my business. I focus mainly on therapeutic
equine podiatry in hopes that horses do not have to suffer painful hoof
ailments that can be fixed with simple corrective hoof care and  professional

Although I learned a great deal at school ten years ago I continue to attend
seminars and workshops to stay on the forefront of equine podiatry.

I currently work alongside Pine Bush Equine and work on all of their podiatry
cases. If you visit the "case studies" page you may view a few of the different
cases I have treated, reconstructed, and fixed through my years working with
the veterinary clinic.

I enjoy performing this service every day and feel fortunate that I live in a
country where I can make it my own business. I strive to provide excellent
service to current and future clients and most importantly their horses.